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Working on cars, bikes, or basically anything with a motor is my Workzone.  It's something I've always been good at. I've been wrenching my whole life. I learned from the best mechanic ever, my dad.  He did everything the right way. My dad had an automotive repair shop and I was changing brakes when I was six years old!  When I was a teen you could always find me either in my dad's shop at night or racing on weekends through the streets in South Philly; at least until the cops chased us.
I was a true motorhead and a friend of mine bought a 350 Honda. Then all of us (my friends and I) had to have one. So there were six of us cruising the neighborhood with our 350 Hondas. Then one night sitting outside with my Honda 350 friends, we heard this sound, then it got closer, then closer, then closer, then this CB750 came screaming by with a set of  4 into 2 open pipes (sweet!).  We looked at each other and said we've GOTTA get one of those! In 1973, I picked up a 1971 CB750 Honda (which I still own today!)  THAT'S WHERE IT ALL BEGAN!!!
I am newly retired, not really by choice, though now I have more time to spend working in my garage. My good friend and neighbor, Jerry, who is a tool and die maker, does all my machine work and helps with my creations. I do all my own paint work.  (Check out my photo albums.) My passion is CB750 Honda's but I'll build anything. I do all my own fabrication, welding, and wiring. I'll pretty much work on anything that has a motor!
When I'm not in the garage, I'm on Hondachopper.com or spending time with my family. I've been married to my soul mate, Melanie, since 1992. She keeps me sane or insane, depends on the day!  I've four grown kids and one grandson. I also have three Chow Chows.
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